3 flavors to kick start your spring

Spring is here! This means it’s time to pair up the warmer days with some delicious flavors that boast seasonal ingredients. While the amount of flavor vapes on the market is limited, that doesn’t mean you can’t relish the start of spring by celebrating what we do have available. Here are three flavors that you should stock up on this season.

The blu vanilla disposable 

Similar to the natural, blooming aromas more present during springtime, our blu vanilla disposable device offers users a sweet, creamy scent that exhibits the same floral nodes we go nuts for. Sold as a single, pre-charged unit, the blu vanilla disposable is compact, has 2.4% nicotine strength, and its delicate, fruity flavors are highly sought after, making it a best-selling product on our website. Enrich your vaping experience with a device that’s bursting with fresh flavor.

The blu classic tobacco disposable

While there’s no limit to the tobacco options available on the market, there’s something extra special about our blu classic tobacco disposable device. Offered at a moderate 2.4% nicotine strength, this beloved device is a popular choice among transitioning ex-smokers. Rich and bold like traditional tobacco but without the lingering burnt smell, the blu classic tobacco disposable device provides a reminder that spring is here with the earthy, woody aroma that it exhibits through each exhaled puff.

Any Vuse menthol device

Access to flavored vapes has become challenging in recent years, especially for those who seek menthol options. Thankfully Vuse Vapor has three exceptional lineups to cater to the transitioning ex-smoker including Vuse Alto, Vuse Solo, and Vuse Vibe. While all of the following lineups offer users a refreshing menthol option, it’s the varying nicotine concentration levels that set them apart. So, before you settle on a single option, peruse some reviews to see which nicotine strength is best for your current needs, and rest assured that the other options will be available when you’re ready to start decreasing.

Which of the above flavored vapes is your favorite? Drop a comment below and let us know.

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