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Vape-eCigs only sells electronic cigarettes to adults over the age of 21. We take pride in that we only sell high-quality products and that’s why you’ll find great brands like Juul, Fliq, and Logic Vapes being sold here.

Looking to transition from discontinued EonSmoke products to JUUL PODS vaping products? Vape-Ecigs.com is the right vape marketplace for you!

Juul, Fliq, and Logic electronic cigarettes are a great choice for you. All three vape brands offer quality products and a great taste to satisfy your smoking and nicotine cravings.

While all three brands are pending FDA approval, Logic was one of the first, beginning the FDA approval process as early as 2016. This means they are one of the only vaping manufacturers that will almost certainly continue to produce their e-cigarettes now that FDA restrictions are being imposed on e-cigarette makers. When you buy from Vape-Ecigs.com, you can feel reassured that you are vaping a safe product that has been rigorously tested.

Best of all, we provide a complete warranty for all products sold on our site. If you‘ve bought a product from us and it doesn’t work, all you have to do is ship it back to us after you send an email or call us and we will gladly exchange it for you. If you have been vaping other brands, like EonSmoke, STLTH or Sea Pods , now is the time to try the best vaping products like Juul at a low cost.

It is widely known that people who smoke turn to e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, or as a way to quit smoking. We support these efforts to be healthier and choose to vape over smoking. Vape-Ecigs.com is committed to assisting smokers in finding an alternative to smoking cigarettes and helping them kick the habit for good. Our customers repeatedly tell us how our e-cigs helped them stop smoking cigarettes and transition to fully vaping or quit permanently.

We are very happy for them and we work hard to help all our customers achieve similar results. We provide quantity discounts on all of our electronic cigarettes and vapes — the more you buy, the lower the cost per unit. Shop our wide variety of Juul, Fliq, and Logic e-cigarettes today.

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