3 fall flavors to vape this season

Many people see fall as a time for a fresh start. Perhaps this is because of the transition from season to season or the concept of leaves falling from trees with the promise of renewal in the spring. Needless to say, seeing nature change around us inspires us to make changes within ourselves, which is a motivating factor for vaping something new this season. Listed below are three flavors that we feel work best to embellish the smells, tastes, and ambiance that fall offers. Check it out! 

FLIQ Pear Apple Disposable Device 

Not only are pears and apples in season right now but these sweet and juicy fruits dominate fall. That said, who wants to pack along the physical food when they can enjoy the same delicious essence from the convenience of their e-cig? FLIQ Vapor was keeping on top of the trends when they created their Pear Apple Disposable Device. Compact for bringing everywhere and filled with beloved harvest flavor, this disposable unit is our most popular fall favorite! While shoppers can buy flavored e-cigs anytime, we always promote aromas that pair well with the season to boost your enjoyment of trying something new! 


blu Menthol Disposable

While menthol e-cigs have a place within each exciting season, as we shift from the warmest time of year into a time where mornings and evenings become brisker, it’s worth highlighting one of our favorite menthol products! blu’s menthol disposable is a cig-a-like technology that doesn’t require regular charging—simply order, unpackage, and vape. Offering users an original menthol flavor that mixes cool peppermint and spearmint undertones, it exhibits the ultimate satisfaction with a robust 2.4% nicotine strength. So, why not get yourself a single-use product you’ll fall in love with and buy flavored e-cigs that give you the best chance of staying tobacco-free this autumn?  


Vuse Solo Original Tobacco Cartridges

If you’ve retired from disposable devices and prefer the eco-friendly approach of rechargeable units, our Vuse Solo Original Tobacco Cartridges offer the perfect fall flavor. After all, a vigorous 4.8% nicotine strength is hard to beat for users that are looking for full-bodied flavor! That said, since autumn boosts heightened woodsy aromas, we think tobacco belongs among your must-vape flavors this season. Plus, this specific device suggestion is FDA approved for sales and marketing, which means that you will continue to have easy accessibility to this tobacco product over others on the market. 


Do you buy flavored e-cigs? Which fall flavor made its way into your cart after reading our blog?

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