Spring provides a fresh start for becoming tobacco-free

There are many reasons to look forward to spring—warmer temperatures, flowers poking through, and waking up to the birds tweeting. However, with rebirth in the air, it’s the perfect time to redirect your attention to the fresh start you so desperately want. Spring is the season of renewal and if you were unable to stick to your quit smoking resolution for New Year’s, it’s another great opportunity to prepare for your next (hopefully successful) quit attempt. If the start of this blog resonates with you, continue reading for some tips for getting started. Since simply quitting with no plan rarely leads to sustained tobacco-free living, it’s important to take some time beforehand to develop your plan, confront how you will navigate triggers, and decide which tools you will use to ensure a successful transition. 

Clear away any remnants of smoking combustible cigarettes

While physically throwing away your final pack of combustible cigarettes is a great way to motivate your quit smoking journey, clearing away other tobacco product accessories such as lighters and ashtrays also helps to make the process easier. Quitting smoking is both physical and mental, which means that it’s important that you remove reminders to and refrain from putting yourself in positions where you may feel these cravings—at least for the first few weeks. 

Deep clean your home and car

Back to our point about where we discuss that quitting is partially mental, if you hope to increase your odds of becoming tobacco-free, we recommend that you conduct a deep clean of your home and car to remove any lingering smell that may affect one’s ability to tackle cravings. Plus, the smell is often noted as a primary driving factor for users to quit, as they hate the lingering smell

Invest in flavored vapes

Although any type of e-cig offers users the choice to select a nicotine concentration level that works best for their quit smoking needs, those who really want to stay tobacco-free often steer towards flavored vapes as their life-changing tool. This is because it changes the dynamic by offering users a tool that appropriately treats tobacco dependence. When combined with nicotine replacement therapies like patches, gum, and/or lozenges, NRTs and flavored vapes increase the odds of an ex-smoker staying tobacco-free.  

How will you get your fresh start this spring? Drop a comment below to provide an added tip for our readers.

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