How to save money vaping

While vaping in its entirety is already cheaper than smoking combustible cigarettes—taxation on tobacco products and additional state taxes—there are still other ways that you can save when you choose to buy vapes online. In this blog, we will highlight how to save you money on your e-cigs, because we could also use some money-saving tips with this record-high inflation. 

Buy vapes online in bulk

When purchasing your vapes in a shop, unless the shop is hosting a sale, it’s unlikely that you will save any money by grabbing multiple items at once. However, when you buy vapes online, not only do you save money through bulk purchases, but you will also save on shipping costs. It’s always a good idea to stock up on your favorites when money savings are involved. Plus, having a large supply of vapes ensures that you’re never left waiting on an order to arrive to fulfill your immediate nicotine needs. 

Utilizing nicotine strength

Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or a transitioning ex-smoker, you must select the appropriate nicotine strength if you want to save money. Matching your current nicotine needs is not only important to ensure success with vaping, but it also ensures money in your pocket. This is because people want to satisfy their cravings, and if your selected concentration amount is too low, you will need to vape more. The more disposable devices and/or e-liquid tanks you need to buy, the fewer savings you have. Therefore, we always recommend to our customers to start off gradually to find the best strength that will save them money vaping.

Maintain your device

When an e-cig is properly cared for, it will last longer. This means taking the time to clean any connecting ends from dust and debris. We also recommend wiping down your mouthpiece to ensure that you receive optimal airflow. The better your device is working, the less chance you have of needing to replace that device. Also, when you’re able to receive quality hits, fewer puffs are needed.

Use our monthly discount code

While all of the above are great ways to save money, the easiest method of savings for those who buy vapes online is to remember to check out our monthly banner for a code that can be inputted at the checkout. This code saves all shoppers 2% on their purchase!

Do you have more money-saving tips for those who buy vapes online? Drop them in the comments section below. 

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