Which Nicotine Level and Brand is Best for You?

Choosing the right nicotine strength is key for those who are hoping to kiss combustible cigarettes goodbye, and since e-cig brands carry an abundance of concentration levels, you’ll have no problem finding one that’s suited to your past smoking lifestyle. As you already know, nicotine is the main driving force that makes users crave combustible cigarettes, which is why a successful transition to vaping requires the ex-smoker to select a product that meets their current needs, with the option to slowly lower the strength at their leisure. Since too much nicotine means that you won’t enjoy your vaping experience and having too little can result in going back to smoking, ensure that you’re equipped with what you need to succeed by reading our product recommendations based on whether you’re a heavy, medium, or light smoker.

Which e-cigs are great supplements for heavy smokers? 

If you’re the type of person who smokes several combustible cigarettes in succession and often end up finishing a pack or more a day, then you would be considered a heavy smoker. While some heavy smokers can find success in quitting cold turkey, most start their quit-smoking journey by replacing their conventional cigarettes with e-cigs that closely match the nicotine strength received in their current smoking routine. 

Since it’s important to set yourself up for quitting success, we are going to show you which brands carry the nicotine concentration level you need as a transitioning heavy smoker. 

  • FLIQ Vapor: This brand carries a rich lineup of disposable e-cigs, all of which are offered in 5% nicotine strength. One of the reasons that transitioning smokers love these products is because they come pre-charged, long-lasting (up to 800 puffs), and ready to vape right out of the packaging, bringing forth a convenient, user-friendly experience right from the start. 
  • JUUL: This brand introduces vapers to the ingenuousness of the click-and-vape system. Offering users two well-loved infusions, 5% menthol and 5% tobacco, each vaper will purchase a rechargeable JUUL unit and pair it with a JUUL flavor pod by inserting it to the top of the device’s mouthpiece. This enables the draw-activated technology to allow the vaper to inhale. Once the JUUL pod is empty, charge the unit once again and repeat the process with a fresh JUUL pod. 
  • Vuse Vapor: This brand offers a few choices for heavy ex-smokers looking to transition away from tobacco — the Vuse Alto power unit (with a variety of colors to choose from) pairs with 5% Golden Tobacco, 5% Menthol, or 5% Rich Tobacco flavor pods and the Vuse Solo Power unit is compatible with the 4.8% menthol and tobacco cartridges. This allows a lot of choice and variety for those that may need to lower their dosage in slower steps. 

Which e-cigs are great supplements for medium smokers?

Many vapers think that you can only be a heavy or a light smoker, but the reality is that there are people who meet the requirements to be an in-betweener and will find success using products that cater to their nicotine needs. 

Here are some suggestions for transitioning medium smokers:  

  • Logic: While this brand carries a variety of devices, both the disposable e-cig and the Logic Power Series are offered in 2.4% nicotine. Not only do these units have the perfect concentration level for medium smokers, but they also give first-time vapers the choice to use the convenience of disposable or the eco-friendlier option where cartomizers are replaced, rather than the whole unit.  
  • Vuse Vapor: This brand also carries a variety for medium smokers, with the option to choose between the Vuse Alto unit (2.4% Golden Tobacco, Menthol, or Rich Tobacco) or the popular Vuse Vibe unit, which carries a unique concentration level of 3%
  • blu: This brand carries a great disposable option for those that require something moderate in terms of nicotine concentration level. Offered in five delicious flavors, both traditional and unique, blu devices exuberate an appealing 2.4% nicotine level, which caters to the requirements that would best assist medium smokers with their transition.  

Which e-cigs are great supplements for light smokers? 

Whether you habitually smoke here and there or simply under certain circumstances, if you’re smoking five or fewer combustible cigarettes a day, we would consider you a light smoker. Since it doesn’t take much conventional smoking for it to become harmful to your body, we recommend using e-cigs as a tool to completely free yourself from the harms of tobacco. 

Here are some suggestions for transitioning light smokers: 

  • Logic: This brand carries an innovative device that offers vapers a light, 1.8% nicotine. So, regardless of whether this is your starting point as a transitioning light smoker or simply a level you’ve lowered yourself to over time, the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System is convenient, simple, and ready to grab-and-go between charges. 
  • Vuse Vapor: While this brand is a great choice for those who started from the bottom with higher nicotine strengths, it also works to perfectly match light smokers with a product that will help them to make their transition easy. The Vuse Alto device is the only unit in the Vuse Vapor lineup that possesses a product with 1.8% nicotine in all three delicious flavors including, Golden Tobacco, Menthol, and Rich Tobacco.

Are you ready to make your transition away from tobacco cigarettes? Which of our amazing products meets your current nicotine needs? Drop a comment below to share with other readers. 

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