Access to JUUL e-cigs has decreased combustible cigarette sales in Canada

Last summer, findings in the study titled “Academy Health 2020 Annual Research Meeting” linked decreased cigarette sales in Canada to the entry of JUUL products into the marketplace. In line with these findings, another recent study has come to the same conclusion. Learn more about this connection below. 

The study

The study titled, “The Impact of JUUL Market Entry on Cigarette Sales: Evidence of Store-Level Sales Declines from Canada,” used city-level data on cigarette and JUUL vape device sales in Canada. Researchers ran econometric difference-in-difference models to outline the variation of timing of the JUUL vape device entering the Canadian market. Data was then analyzed over 12 months. 

What were the results?

It was found that within the first 12 months of market entry, JUUL vape devices led to a 1.5% decrease on average in store-level cigarette sales volume, within one large retailer chain. Overall, the decrease in cigarette sales translated to over 400 million fewer combustible cigarettes sold in Canada within the first year of this brand of e-cig entering the market.

Dr. Shvaani Prakash, JUUL Labs’ Director of Health Economics and Policy Research concluded that for every 1% increase in JUUL’s market share, there was an associated 0.5% reduction in cigarette sales. This suggests that local tobacco market competition plays a major role in the uptake and purchase of e-cigs. In addition, this study provides strong evidence that the availability of vaping products and other nicotine alternatives to adult smokers could drive down combustible cigarette consumption.

What’s next?

Rasmus Wissmann, Vice President of Data at JUUL Labs, said “further research is needed to determine the long-term impact of vapor products on [combustible] cigarette sales, and the net population health impact of such products.”

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