Smoking combustible cigarettes and hair loss: What you need to know

Smoking combustible cigarettes has long been associated with a myriad of health issues, and recent research has shed light on yet another concerning link: the relationship between smoking and hair loss, particularly among men. Understanding this connection is important for individuals looking to safeguard their hair health while considering smoking cessation options. 

The study

The study entitled, “A meta-analysis study on the association between smoking and male pattern hair loss,” was published this past January in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, and examines the correlation between smoking and hair loss. Researchers aimed to investigate whether smoking could impact hair health, highlighting the potential risks posed by cigarette smoke to hair follicles. The study focused especially on male participants to discern any gender-specific effects. 

What were the results?

The findings of the study revealed a significant association between smoking and hair loss among men. Analysis indicated that the harmful chemicals present in combustible cigarette smoke may disrupt hair follicles, leading to premature hair loss and thinning. This suggests that smoking cessation could potentially mitigate the risk of hair loss and promote healthier hair growth. 

As part of a collection of seven other cross-studies—by pooling data, the sample size was increased to reduce the effects of random error and bias— this particular study found the effect of less smoking versus more smoking correlated with how mild to severe the hair loss was. In this analysis, current and former smokers were more affected than never-smokers and were associated with a greater chance of progressing to more severe pattern hair loss. 

There’s more!

Moreover, the study underscores the importance of smoking cessation methods, such as using e-cigs like Vuse Vapes, as a means to reduce exposure to harmful toxins while addressing nicotine dependence. Quitting smoking using Vuse Vapes is a promising approach to safeguard both hair health and overall health. 

While the study provides compelling evidence of the detrimental impact of smoking on hair health among men, it can only empower individuals to make informed decisions regarding smoking cessation.

Does early hair loss run in your family’s genes? Drop a comment below to share with our readers. 

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