Which Logic product is the right choice for your vaping style?

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There are so many factors to consider when you’re shopping around for the best e-cig! So, aside from determining whether you’re a light, moderate or heavy smoker, it’s important to establish your desired e-cig style, the type of vapor product you find most satisfying, what you’re hoping to spend, your nicotine equivalency level, and even the flavors you would most enjoy. With so many products available at the touch of a button, one that possesses undeniable popularity could be the most appropriate starting point when you’re first familiarizing yourself with this innovative technology. Nonetheless, when you begin your research, be sure to include Logic e-cigs, a reputable, durable, and refreshing vaping brand. 

Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Disposable e-cigs give users an incredible amount of convenience and portability, providing them with the same high-quality vapor, only favorably packed into a ready-to-use device. Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarettes are manufactured to accommodate the easy-going vaper and to one’s advantage, they’re hands down one of those most intelligent technologies on the market. Designed to deliver a realistic smoking experience, and offering a satisfying 3.5% or 2.4% nicotine, these Logic e-cigs are individually filled and pre-charged, so that once you open the packaging, all you have to do is vape and enjoy. Efficiently built to allow users to vape as little or as much as they need throughout the day, once finished, these devices can be disassembled and the used batteries can be recycled along with your other worn-out electronics.  

Logic Power Series 

A step up in the Logic e-cig lineup is the Logic Power Series, a dynamic, rechargeable device that caters to the more experienced vapers. These vaping gadgets come in two of the most desirable flavors — Tobacco and Menthol — and rather than tossing them out in between uses, users can charge their powerful batteries and simply pop on a fresh cartomizer. While this allows them to simplistically switch between flavors, it’s also an eco-friendly and economical solution! Supporting up to 400 thick, enriching puffs in 2.4% nicotine, these devices give vapers a smoother draw than the traditional e-cig, while still offering an easy-to-love vaping experience. 

Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System 

Only the most sophisticated vapers will find themselves drawn to the alluring nature of Logic Pro’s Advanced Vapor System. This device can solely give you everything you have ever wanted in an e-cig with intelligent lock system prevention, convenient and simplistic spillage safety, and three enhanced flavors that can refine your vaping experience while also cultivating an infatuation for 1.8% nicotine infusions like Traditional Tobacco, Toasted Tobacco, and Menthol. The best part is that each e-liquid capsule is transparent, making it easy to know when your Logic e-cig is empty! 

Which of the above Logic e-cig technologies best suits your vaping style and needs? Drop a comment below to start a conversation.

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