How to properly clean your vape

Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or new to this smoke-free world, one thing remains crucial: keeping your vape device clean. Regular cleaning not only promotes better performance and flavor but also extends the lifespan of your unit. Since the box your device arrived in has likely been recycled, we will use this blog to walk you through the essential steps to properly clean your vape and maintain its overall functionality. 

Step #1: Gather your necessary supplies

Before cleaning your e-cig, ensure you have access to the following: isopropyl alcohol, cotton swabs or Q-tips, paper towels, warm water, and any specialized cleaning tools recommended by the manufacturer. Even the best e-cig should be cleaned regularly. 

Step #2: Disassemble your device

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, you can now disassemble your device into its individual components. Carefully remove the mouthpiece, battery, and refillable tank, cartomizer, capsule, or pod. Refer to your device’s manual if you’re unsure of the disassembly process because it can vary from unit to unit. This step ensures that every nook and cranny where residue might accumulate receives a thorough cleaning.

Step #3: Clean all of the parts

All disassembled parts can receive a gentle rinse under warm water to remove any residue. Be mindful of using soap or detergents, as they may leave behind harmful remnants that shouldn’t be ingested. If the residue is on the tougher side, you can use a small amount of dish soap. Just be sure to utilize your cotton swabs and paper towels to ensure that your soap residue is removed. If your residue is still not coming off or is in a hard-to-reach area, dip the cotton swab in some isopropyl alcohol and carefully clean the affected areas. Once complete, wipe down all of your device’s components with a paper towel to remove any excess moisture. 

Step #4: Air dry and reassemble

After cleaning, allow all components to dry completely. Even the best e-cig on the market needs to be dry before reassembly to avoid any water damage. Once dry, you can then reassemble the device, ensuring all parts fit snugly together. Add a fresh cartridge if it’s time to replace your e-liquid flavor and enjoy a clean and satisfying vaping experience. 

How often do you give your e-cig a thorough cleaning? Drop a comment below to compare it with other vapers.

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