Why is Vuse Vapor making headlines?

Anyone who follows e-cig news has heard of the manufacturer Vuse Vapor. That said, while many of our customers love these products, this blog is for the ones who haven’t tried them and want to learn more about why the brand keeps making headlines. 

Vuse Vapor has menthol options

While no menthol e-cig has officially been approved in the U.S. for sale and marketing, brands like Vuse Vapor are working hard to make that happen. Since not all ex-smokers are used to the tobacco flavor, boycotting menthol products is harmful to ex-menthol users who also want to wave goodbye to their past lives with combustible cigarettes.

That said, in the meantime, vapers can shop Vuse Vapor’s vast selection of menthol options to fulfill their minty cravings and keep them smoke-free. 

Vuse Vapor has lots of nicotine strengths

Aside from easing the transition from smoking combustible cigarettes to e-cigs, it’s important to select a brand with longevity in mind. Aside from obtaining FDA approval for sale and marketing in the U.S., Vuse Vapor also manufactures a wide selection of nicotine concentration levels. Not only does this allow ex-smokers to transition to the strength that best meets their needs when they quit combustible cigarettes, but this also ensures that they have a product they’re comfortable with when the time comes to lower their concentration level. 

With options as low as 1.8%, as high as 5%, and many choices in between, Vuse Vapor has the best nicotine strengths on the market. 

Vuse Vapor has multiple lineups to choose from

While some e-cig brands offer a single lineup, Vuse Vapor offers three different ones! Catering to every type of vaper, Vuse Vapor specializes in replaceable tanks to lower their carbon footprint.

The Vuse Alto lineup has the most choices in terms of flavor and nicotine strength. At the same time, both the Vuse Solo and Vuse Vibe lineups offer specialty nicotine strengths in both tobacco and menthol. 

Do you love Vuse Vapor? Advocate for your favorite product in the comments section below to allow our readers to learn more about it.

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