3 holiday gift ideas for vapers

There are many celebrations this time of year where the focus is to spread joy, cheer, and happiness by making memories with your loved ones. While it’s not always necessary to offer up gifts, many people love to wrap up something special and watch the sparkle in the eyes of the recipient as they unwrap the unknowing. So, regardless of which holiday is important to you, if presents are on the table, here are three holiday gift ideas for any vapers on your shopping list. 

Flavored disposables

The holiday season is all about indulgence, which is why flavored disposables are one of the best gift ideas for a loved one on your list who vapes or a smoker who you’d like to encourage to transition to vaping. Offering up unique flavor as well as one-of-a-kind options like Vanilla and Cherry, your gift recipient will love that you gift-wrapped something so delicious, yet practical. Equipped with a powerful, pre-charged battery, each flavored disposable is outfitted so that it’s ready for vaping without delay. This means that your loved one can give it a taste test straight away. Talk about convenience! Just be sure to find out what nicotine strength they prefer before you start shopping.     

Device replacements

If the vaper you love already has a product that brings them joy, why not fill their stocking full of device replacements? Some of the best holiday gift ideas stem from wrapping up something that you know will be put to use and not hidden away in a closet or cupboard for safekeeping. We’re certain your gift recipient will be thrilled that they don’t need to purchase their favorite e-cig replacements for a while, which means you can rest assured that your thoughtfulness hasn’t gone unnoticed. 

If you’re unsure of what device and nicotine strength they use, be sure to ask others that they know or drop a hint next time you’re having a chat.

Something new

If you’re holiday shopping for an avid vaper, perhaps the best holiday gift ideas are the ones that they haven’t tried yet. Many people who use e-cigs enjoy shaking things up rather than using the same device and flavor day after day. So, consider gifting them a starter pack, which would include a new device and a few replacements, to offer them an exciting new experience over the holiday season.

Whatever holiday you celebrate this season, we hope it’s a happy one!

Which of our holiday gift ideas are you leaning towards? Drop a comment below to let us know.

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