How to dispose of vaping products properly

While there’s ample information online about the cleaning and maintenance of e-cigs, very little can be found on how to dispose of vapes and pods properly. With the rise of vaping as a method for ex-smokers to quit combustible cigarettes, it’s essential for consumers to know the detrimental impact they have on the environment when they improperly dispose of their nicotine and electronic waste. Don’t toss it in the trash, do your part and read this blog instead. 

E-cig batteries are recyclable

Lithium-ion batteries, which are also used to power smartphones and electric cars, are used by many e-cig manufacturers to power e-cigs as well. Since these batteries have a long lifespan and can be recharged repeatedly, you won’t have to worry about replacing them for a while. However, when the time comes, these batteries need to be recycled and not tossed into the trash can to end up in landfills. Since recycling allows used products to become something else, these batteries are upcycled in a shredding down process that turns the battery into a powder that is extracted and sold.  

Disposable devices and vape pods can also be recycled

While you can’t just toss your disposable devices and empty vape pods into a bin to be picked up weekly, your city should offer recycling services for items that are classified as hazardous waste. These items consist of some commonly used households like paint, light bulbs, and batteries, which can be recycled alongside used disposable devices and vape pods.  

Opt for rechargeable devices to lessen your waste

Although disposable devices have their place due to convenience, those wanting to be more conscious vapers know that rechargeable units are more eco-friendly. Not only do these devices produce less waste by allowing the user to use the device repeatedly, but they also contain rechargeable batteries, which means that fewer lithium-ion batteries are needed. 

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