Which is better: Refillable or disposable?

While vaping enthusiasts have an abundance of reasons as to whether they enjoy disposable, refillable, or both kinds of e-cig units, first-time vapers recently transitioning from combustible cigarettes need to read about the experiences of others before selecting a style that will work best for them. In most cases, it helps to create a pros and cons list so that you can feel great about your e-cig purpose. Rest assured there’s no need to spend hours researching when you can rely on Vape-eCigs to provide you with what our customers love about our refillable and disposable e-cig devices

Everything you need to know about refillable e-cigs

Have you ever felt guilty about tossing out your disposable unit? A refillable device allows you to significantly reduce your impact on the environment by simply swapping out the old e-liquid tank for the same replacement or opting to try out a new flavor or nicotine concentration level. This way you can feel better about your vaping experience and also progress towards lowering your nicotine levels in a time frame that suits your needs. 

Here is a list of pros to vaping refillable e-cigs:

  • Eco-friendly 
  • Easy to swap between flavors
  • More nicotine strength options
  • Rechargeable
  • Portable
  • Powerful draw of vapor
  • Brand-name manufacturers
  • Great tobacco and menthol taste
  • Less expensive to buy long term (pay only for e-liquid tank)

Here is a list of the cons to vaping refillable e-cigs: 

  • Only tobacco and menthol options are available
  • Must have access to a power outlet to recharge the device battery
  • Must remember to recharge the device battery
  • More things to carry (charger, replacement e-liquids)
  • More cost upfront (device plus e-liquid replacements)

Everything you need to know about disposable e-cigs

Do you often forget to charge your phone, Bluetooth headphones, or EV hybrid? Would add another power-operated device to the mix drive you insane? A disposable e-cig takes the pressure off by providing users with a pre-charged unit that’s ready to vape as soon as it’s unpackaged. How convenient is that?

Here is a list of pros to vaping disposable e-cigs:

  • Easy-to-use
  • High nicotine levels for transitioning smokers
  • A variety of delicious flavor options
  • Pre-charged 
  • Convenient
  • Portable
  • Units are cheaper to buy upfront
  • Brand-name manufacturers
  • Great tobacco, menthol, and fruit tastes

Here is a list of cons to vaping disposable e-cigs:

  • Less nicotine strength options
  • Not as eco-friendly
  • Weaker draws of vapor
  • More expensive to buy long-term
  • Unable to change the flavor once selected

Overall, both types of devices offer something for everyone and it comes down to personal preference, so there is no real advantage of one device over another. 

Have you tried both types of devices and preferred one type over the other? If so, please drop a comment below explaining why to help our readers out. 

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