How do e-cigs make your life easier?

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Our vaping devices are great alternatives to other nicotine replacement therapies, offering users e-cig flavors and several nicotine strengths that cater to their transitioning needs. Closely resembling traditional combustible cigarettes, each device operates in a similar manner allowing users to inhale vapor (a mixture of water, flavor & nicotine) with the help of intuitive battery power. E-cigs make the life of ex-smokers so much easier and here’s how. 

You don’t need a lighter for e-cigs

Whether you choose to vape disposable e-cigs that come pre-charged or rechargeable devices that conveniently plug into your wall outlet or USB port, life is so much easier when you don’t need to rummage around to find a lighter. Since the battery of disposable units possesses enough power to hold the charge until the cartridge is empty, and the battery of rechargeables has a long-lasting lifespan, regardless of the type of e-cig you choose, you can rest assured that all devices will satisfy your cravings throughout the day. That’s right! It’s time that you tossed away your pack of combustible cigarettes and store away that lighter to be used for some candles instead!  

E-cigs are easy-to-use

Ex-smokers love e-cigs because they offer a seamless transition from combustible cigarettes. With the ability to fulfill mental and physical dependencies with an assemblage of e-cig flavors, their easy-to-use technology can be effortlessly adapted to.

Disposable e-cigs: These e-cig units are sold in a variety of e-cig flavors including lush fruits like Kool Melon and Grapple Berry as well as traditional aromas like tobacco and menthol. Simply unpackage the device, touch it to your lips, and inhale like you would a combustible cigarette to trigger the draw-activated vapor release. 

Rechargeable e-cigs: While these e-cigs units are only sold in tobacco and menthol variations, they offer more nicotine strength options for vapers who’re looking to lower their strengths. All rechargeable units are powered by a high-quality battery and require the user to replace cartridges, tanks, or pods as needed, which can be easily done by twisting the old one off or popping it off from the mouthpiece as the packaging instructs. 

E-cigs can easily be ordered online

Our online shop is designed with functionality and simplicity in mind. First-time visitors can add a variety of e-cig flavors and units to their cart by clicking the green “Add To Cart” above each product description. For convenience, they can also sign up for a free membership by creating an account that will remember their shipping details. New customers that opt for membership will start receiving benefits right away including a 5% recurring order discount, the ability to track orders, and the convenience of saved shipping and payment information. 

Are there other benefits that e-cigs bring that make your life easier? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

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