Are you ready to vape Autumn’s top contenders?

What better way to welcome a new season than by vaping some of its signature scents? Just like how you decorate your home for fall or swap over your wardrobe to feature some cozy knits, adding autumn-specific flavors to your vaping experience is a great way to transition into the season, while also using it as an opportunity to try something new. Listed below are three of our favorite fall flavors!

FLIQ Vapor’s Pear Apple Disposable Device

While it depends on the variety, most apples ripen around mid-September to early October, making this pear apple mixture the perfect flavor to welcome fall. With a taste that starts off sweet and juicy, like biting into a fruit, followed by a jolt of bitterness, this disposable device is a distinct seasonal favorite. Evening its packaging greets this time of year by featuring crimson red, leaf yellow, and a faded out green to symbolize the transition of seasons. For those who enjoy a product that is distinct and aromatic, we recommend adding FLIQ Vapor’s Pear Apple Disposable Device to your next order! 

blu’s Vanilla Disposable

September is a time of year where sugary, spicy, and musky scents start combining together to fill the air with autumnal goodness. Notes like vanilla, fig, pine, clove, and cedarwood are common fragrances and are best enjoyed during the months of fall. While many of these listed scents provide an aromatic charm, vanilla is the flavor that stands out above all in terms of smell and flavor. Thankfully, blu has found a way to mimic this sweet extract by offering a disposable unit that features its flavor combined with a light floral component. Looking for something sweet this fall? Try the blu vanilla disposable today!

Vuse Vapor’s Golden & Rich Tobacco Pods

While all of our brands carry a delicious tobacco e-cig in their product lineup, none other than Vuse Vapor offers users more than one choice. When you choose Vuse, you opt-in to some seriously delicious tobacco e-cig choices including the Alto unit, which features a Golden Tobacco Pod and a Rich Tobacco Pod in three nicotine strengths. Tobacco lovers adore having a choice behind how vigorous their flavor is, and the best part is that these products all embellish a smoky aroma that is best complimented by the woodsy scents of fall.

Which flavors are you most excited to try this fall? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

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