Which blu e-cig is the right product for your desired experience?

blu e-cigs are quickly becoming the talk of the industry with versatile devices that are making the transition from smoking to vaping care-free and convenient. Needless to say, whether you’re looking to quit smoking or you’ve been vaping for some time and are on the hunt for a change, blu e-cigs are a great choice for a surreal vaping experience that possesses many of the fond memories of your past smoking life without the harmful effects of tobacco. That said, there are three types of products in the blu lineup, each of which offers a very different experience!

The blu disposable e-cig

Do you long for the convenience of vaping while out on the go? Do you enjoy the way flavor molds your experience to change it up from your past smoking routine? Do you crave an e-cig product that can provide a medium nicotine strength, but vigorous hits? Then the blu disposable e-cig might be the perfect device for you! These intuitive units come pre-charged and require zero maintenance. Simply open the packaging, remove the device, and start vaping! Aside from the above benefits, the blu disposable is also the only unit in the blu lineup that offers a wide variety of flavors, with the option to make your experience more traditional with the tobacco or menthol disposable or spruce things up with flavors like cherry and vanilla. Moreover, at a robust 2.4% nicotine concentration, you can rest assured that your cravings will be satisfied with every puff.

The blu PLUS+ e-cig

Combining the comfort of a disposable device with the satisfying delivery of a rechargeable unit, this blu e-cig offers users the best of both worlds. Since the battery of the blu PLUS+ is shipped with a partial charge, vapers can unpackage their device and enjoy it right away (similar to the above disposable option), but for the best performance, it’s recommended that you charge the battery by screwing it into the USB charger, plugging it into a USB port, and waiting for the light to glow blue. This means that your device is fully charged and will offer a more powerful experience—smooth vaper delivery with maximum sensation.

The myblu e-cig

This rechargeable blu e-cig option carries the most choice for nicotine strengths. With Liquidpods that are made in 2.4%, 2.5%, 3.6%, and 4%, vapers have access to a great transitioning product that will take them from smoking combustible cigarettes to vaping their desired concentration level. Since smoking does not allow users to manage their nicotine intake, the myblu e-cig is a popular choice for those that need a high strength at first, but hope to lower it over time. The best part is this lineup has a menthol option along with a range of tobacco varieties, including regular tobacco, tobacco chill, and tobacco gold leaf

Which of the above experiences are you looking to try? Drop a comment below to share with our readers. 

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