Why Black-Market Vape Devices Give High-Quality Brands a Bad Name

Modified devices are the type of vaping technology that has been linked to breathing problems and illnesses, and in June 2019 cases emerged all across the country addressing issues with black-market liquids that contained vitamin E acetate, a chemical used as a thickening agent, or THC. So, while acquiring your vaping gear from a less formal source may seem to offer you more desirable options, there’s a reason that these illicit products aren’t being sold by trusted online dealers. So, if you own a Logic vape pen, raise it high and advocate for your vaping rights because we shouldn’t be banning vaping, we should be saluting the fantastic devices currently available!

These devices could contain vitamin E acetate or THC

Purchasing a vaping device from a disreputable vendor may present issues to your health and well-being, and aside from offering modified equipment, these merchants also sell e-liquids that could contain ingredients that can be dangerous once inhaled. So, while pulling all e-cigarettes from the market seems like the easiest way to safeguard vapers from preventable illnesses, the real solution to the problem is to eliminate black-market devices and e-liquids that are causing health problems and continuing to allow trusted devices as a stop-smoking aid.  

It’s better to invest in a product straight from a warehouse

Logic vape pens, like other renowned manufacturers, offer vapers high-quality, functioning devices right out of their warehouse, which is then sold to distinguished merchants to ship all around the world. Unlike black-market devices, varieties of Logic vape pens arrive untampered, with pre-filled e-liquid cartomizers and capsules that contain five ingredients — water, nicotine (percentage chosen by vaper), VG, PG, and flavoring agents. So, vapers can rest assured that they know exactly what they’re putting into your body. The best part is that these devices are working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to obtain approval and be regarded as an esteemed nicotine replacement therapy. 

Have you ever tried a black-market device? What other concerns do you have knowing these products are circulating?

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