How do the feelings of smoking and vaping compare?

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There are many questions that people want to be answered before they make the switch from smoking to vaping. Like, how closely can they mimic the actions of combustible cigarettes? How exactly do they satisfy your cravings enough to help keep you from smoking? Can they help reduce your stress and anxiety levels? Although e-cigarettes are a technology that is often spoken about, in actuality, many people are unable to describe how they compare to a combustible cigarette. But the reality is that these revolutionary devices have the power to appease your physical needs, entertain your mental cravings and simulate the taste, touch and smell of your habitual smoking routine.

Similar actions

Ex-smokers are used to the comforts of routine. In order to smoke a cigarette, you must first light the end of it, lift it up and place it between your lips, inhale deeply, remove the cigarette and exhale the smoke. For some smokers, they are equally as addicted to the feeling of holding a combustible cigarette as they are to the nicotine within it, which is why this hand-to-mouth action is soothing, relaxing and pleasurable. Needless to say, would you believe us if we said that e-cigarettes have the ability to simulate this satisfying experience?

Vaping offers ex-smokers a sense of familiarity. The e-cigarette is lifted up, placed between the lips of the vaper. The battery source powers up the heating element within the device, it raises the temperature of the e-liquid as they inhale deeply, remove the e-cigarette and exhale the vapor. Now, doesn’t that sound incredibly similar?

Similar sensations

When you smoke a traditional cigarette, there are deep inhalation techniques that draw the smoke into your lungs. Vaping also has various inhalation techniques that mirror conventional smoking.

  • Mouth-to-lung: This action is done by inhaling the smoke, or the vapor, into your mouth, letting in lingering for a moment before sucking it deep down into your lungs.
  • Direct-to-lung: This action is done by pulling the smoke, or the vapor, directly to lungs upon inhalation. This is the most common vaping technique for ex-smokers.

Regardless of which sensation you prefer, both vaping techniques allow you to fulfill your physical dependency to your old smoking habits.

Stress and anxiety reliever

Many people turn to traditional cigarettes because of various stress or anxiety triggers. But, did you know that the reason you feel relief after smoking is due to the nicotine and not the tobacco?

In fact, nicotine is a mood-altering drug that has the power to make you feel like you’re alleviating your stress and anxiety. This immediate sense of relaxation is usually quickly followed by a smoldering feeling of frustration when the nicotine levels wear off. That’s why vaping an e-cig has the power to feel like smoking a cigarette. Both products contain nicotine, which evokes a false sense of relaxation to the user.

That being said, when you choose to switch to vaping, you have the ability to select a nicotine concentration level that suits your needs. Eventually, if you combine your willpower with vaping, you will be able to wean yourself down to zero nicotine vaping. Zero nicotine vaping is incredibly beneficial to your health and well-being.

Are there any other ways smoking feels like vaping? Tell us in the comments section below.

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