Your Vuse vape user guide

While Vuse Vapor wasn’t the first e-cig to break into the market targeting ex-smokers, it quickly became more popular than all of the other quit-smoking products. Whether it was the vast lineups and nicotine strengths available or the sharp, sleek, and stylish design, there’s no arguing that Vuse has sparked an evolution in closed-system vaping. Here is your Vuse vape user guide.

How to start your device

Follow these steps for starting your Vuse vape:

  • Insert your pod, tank, or cartridge into your device 
  • Click three times to turn on your unit
  • Press down the button while inhaling to draw vapor
  • Click three times to turn off your unit

Some additional tips include:

  • Ensure that your device is fully charged before its first use for optimal performance
  • Close your lips over the tip of the mouthpiece for optimal enjoyment and satisfaction

When to change your pod, tank, or cartridge

Look for these signs to know when your e-liquid needs a change: 

  • Little or no vapor production
  • The taste and/or quality has deteriorated 
  • Vapor production is limited but the device is charged

How to charge your device

Your LED light indicator tells you how much battery power your device has—green (30%-100%, yellow 10%-30%, and red >10%). Use the following steps to charge your Vuse vape:

  • Connect the USB charging cable to your device and connect the other end to a charging port
  • It should take up to an hour to fully charge your unit

Some additional tips include:

  • When the LED indicator light shows green you can disconnect your device
  • Your device will automatically stop charging if it is left for three hours or more

Other important product use information

Now that you know how to properly operate your device, here are some important elements to know about how it should and shouldn’t be used: 

  • Never keep your unit close to keys or coins
  • Don’t use it around flammable liquids or gases
  • Don’t use it if it appears to be damaged
  • Never leave it in direct sunlight
  • Keep your Vuse vape dry

What new thing did you learn about your Vuse vape? Drop a comment below to share.

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