How to clean your vape device properly

When you first purchase a high-quality vape, its performance is optimal, which is important considering your device is your tool for keeping smoke-free. However, like anything you use frequently, regular maintenance is required to keep things working properly. This blog will provide you with some tips on caring for your e-cig, and since all units are made up of different components, be sure to read your owner’s manual before cleaning it for the first time. 

What needs to be cleaned? 

Since each vape is generally made the same way—e-liquid tank, battery, mouthpiece—cleaning your vape is easy! These components need to first be separated to allow for the cleaning of the device. That said, most e-liquid tanks from brands working with the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) come pre-sealed, so there is no need to clean these parts. Simply put them in the recycling bin when they’re empty and pop on a new one.

The mouthpiece and rechargeable battery of your refillable unit are used time and time again, which means these parts should be the ones to be cleaned alongside the device charger. 

Disposable devices usually don’t last long enough to require regular cleaning. 

How to go about cleaning your vape 

Removing residue from your device is easy and quick when you make it a part of your daily routine. Not only does regular cleaning help your device to produce ample vapor with a powerful punch but it also enables you to get rid of the remnants or build-up of dust and residue from ongoing use. So, if you want flavors to come through properly, and desire longevity with your device, it’s an important thing to do. 

To start, disassemble your device by removing the mouthpiece from the battery. Then, you can separate your e-liquid tank and place all components onto a dry piece of paper towel. Then, grab another fresh piece of paper towel and use it to wipe down all of the connecting areas where dust can accumulate. You can also use warm water if there is any build up and you want a slightly deeper clean. Once everything is wiped, leave the pieces to fully air dry then reassemble and start vaping. It’s that quick and easy. 

Do you have more tips for cleaning your vape? Drop a comment below to share with our readers. 

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