3 tips for successful winter vaping

While winter conditions vary based on where you’re located, traditionally January is a chilly month across North America and beyond. As such, the idea of bundling up and heading outside to smoke your combustible cigarette can be daunting, which is one of the many reasons why those who quit choose to vape instead. Although you can safely vape indoors—away from children and pets—you and your device will still have to put up with the cold at some point. Here are three tips for successful winter vaping. 

Avoid metallic tips

When temperatures drop below freezing, the metallic tips of some devices get extremely cold, which doesn’t make for the most pleasant vaping experience. Not only will they make your lips cool to the touch, but the warmth and moisture may lead to cracking or bleeding over time. 

Vaping in the cold doesn’t need to be complicated, simply shop our wide selection of units for one that utilizes a high-quality plastic tip instead.

Monitor your battery

Even the most efficient e-cig battery cannot operate optimally in the cold. So, when the temperatures are low and you have things to do, be mindful of your device’s battery. We recommend keeping your device in your jacket pocket. Not only does this keep it accessible but it also allows the unit to stay warm from your body heat.

Another way to ensure that your battery is always good to go is to keep a vape charger nearby and to remember to regularly use it when the battery gets low.

Stay warm by vaping strategic flavors

While it’s a psychological premise, you can trick your mind into keeping warm with the right distraction when vaping in the cold. This means that if you have to be outside to use your vape, be sure to select a flavor that reminds you of warmer days. Basically, avoid menthol if you can and opt for smoky tobacco or a tropical fruit flavor instead. Perhaps you won’t feel the heat leaving your body quite as quickly?

Which tip do you think will bring you success this winter? Drop a comment below to share. 

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