Why do we have so many long-term customers?

Buying e-cigs online doesn’t have to be challenging. Over our time in business, we have developed so many long-term customers that appreciate how simplistic we’ve made the buying process. Aside from creating an account to better track and manage your Vape-eCigs order, all you need to do is click and add the item(s) to your cart before processing and anticipating a speedy delivery. Get your e-cigs online today and continue reading below if you want to learn other reasons that our long-term customer list keeps on growing.

There are a wide variety of flavors

We pride ourselves on carrying five, hand-selected e-cig brands—consisting of 20+ flavor choices, including nine sweet varieties—to offer ex-smokers the selection they deserve. While some people need to transition to a product that closely resembles their past smoking routine, others require a change and relish the opportunity to shake things up with new flavors. With a huge assortment of tobacco and menthol choices, alongside flavors such as vanilla, cherry, and pear apple, our customers have all the options they need to remain smoke-free!

There are a wide variety of brands

As mentioned above, our website is host to five e-cig brands—blu, Vuse Vapor, FLIQ Vapor, Logic, and JUUL—with disposable and refillable options available. Since choice is something that ex-smokers are not familiar with, it’s important that we offer a diverse selection of devices that closely resemble combustible cigarettes to encourage consumers to quit tobacco and help them in preventing future slip-ups. 

Although all of our e-cig brands are working with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and possess pending applications, Logic, JUUL, and Vuse Vapor are now authorized to market their products in the U.S. Not only does this mean that more ex-smokers will have access to these life-changing products, but it also indicates the longevity of the relationship between these brands and the user who’s quitting tobacco for good. 

We have lots of menthol choices

While tobacco e-cigs aren’t hard to come by, many manufacturers have been forced to cease production of menthol products. That said, we possess a full inventory of menthol products, with disposable, refillable, and refreshing options available to appease every vaper’s tastebuds. Plus, since we’re committed to following all Federal and state laws, our menthol products will remain widely available for purchase.

Are you a long-term Vape-eCigs customer? Please let us know why you enjoy shopping with our brand.

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