Golden tobacco pods or rich tobacco pods? Which Vuse tobacco flavor is the best?

Even though smokers know that switching from tobacco cigarettes to vaping can greatly reduce their exposure to many toxic and cancer-causing chemicals, nicotine is very addictive and its mood-altering capabilities put a lot of pressure on the former smoker who seeks to quit for good. This is why it’s so important for ex-smokers to transition to products that mimic their past routine and meet their nicotine needs. Vuse Alto pods do just that, and for those who love tobacco, there are even two flavor choices. 

What is Vuse?

The company Vuse Digital Vapor Cigarette, more commonly known as Vuse, produces a wide variety of e-cig units—Vuse Alto Device, Vuse Solo Device, and Vuse Vibe Device—all of which possess the power to help users quit smoking by offering an abundance of nicotine concentration levels to cater to all types of nicotine needs. Designed for regular use by transitioning ex-smokers, Vuse also specializes in flavor variety with a refreshing menthol option alongside two invigorating tobacco choices. 

Since you might be wondering why Vuse Alto pods are available in both Golden Tobacco and Rich Tobacco, we will break down the difference in flavor to ensure that you’re set up with a product that best meets your vaping needs. 

How do Golden Tobacco Vuse Alto pods and Rich Tobacco Vuse Alto pods differ?

While both the Golden Tobacco and Rich Tobacco vape pods are compatible with the Vuse Alto device, they offer vapers a different experience altogether.

The Golden Tobacco Vuse Alto pods mimic more mellow tobacco but with a twist—a delicate sweetness. Although this unique flavor pod is unlike any other on the market, it’s a dead-ringer to many bold and distinct combustible cigarette flavors that ex-smokers once loved. Whereas, the Rich Tobacco Vuse Alto pods resemble a more hardy tobacco taste—salty and bitter, yet satisfying. Many of our customers also express that this vibrant flavor also possesses caramel undertones, which make it a great selection for people who enjoy the rich, nutty taste of strong tobacco. 

Since both types of Vuse Alto pods are offered in 5%, 2.4%, and 1.8%, all you need to do are decide which flavor variety and strength is best for you. Happy Vaping!

Are you a golden or rich tobacco kind of vaper? You can also be both! Let us know your preferences in the comments section below.

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