Your guide to the best menthol products

Is there a ban on menthol cigarettes? At the end of April 2021, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced its plans for a ban on menthol cigarettes with hopes that the elimination of flavoring would reduce the number of new smokers and push current combustible cigarette smokers to quit. With the federal ban still pending, local governments around the U.S. have been imposing their own restrictions on menthol cigarettes, with cities in California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, and New York have already limited their sales, as well as Washington County in Oregon and the District of Columbia. 

Transitioning from menthol cigarettes to menthol e-cig products

When a user decides to quit combustible cigarettes for good, the easiest way for them to wave goodbye to cigarettes is by eliminating them with the help of a product that looks, tastes, and feels the same as their past smoking routine. If they currently use menthol cigarettes, transitioning to menthol e-cigs will allow them to closely mimic their experience without feeling the overwhelming side effects of nicotine withdrawal. With loads of menthol products available—that possess varying nicotine levels—all that’s left for the first-time vaper to decide is whether they want to use a rechargeable or disposable device!

Which brands offer menthol?

All four of our e-cigs possess menthol selections, so we recommend reading reviews to find the best product to meet your needs. That said, here are your picks below:

Do you think menthol e-cigs are a good substitute against the ban on menthol cigarettes? Please leave your thoughts below. 

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