Your guide to selecting the best Vuse Vapor Device

For those who haven’t been following along, Vuse Vapor made history last year as the first e-cig company to produce a product that has been approved by the Federal Drug and Food Administration (FDA) as a smoking cessation aid. While permission has currently only been extended to the Vuse solo device and its 4.8% original tobacco cartridges, the company remains confident that many more products within the lineup will make the cut. As such, it’s important as a transitioning ex-smoker to select a brand and product that’s motivated to remain on the market, which is why Vuse vapes are the best choice in e-cig! Continue reading to learn more about Vuse Vapor’s three devices and their replacement tanks. 

Vuse Alto device

The Vuse Alto Power Unit is a nifty rechargeable e-cig. It features a powerful 350mAh battery that’s equipped to last throughout the day. Paired with three vigorous pod flavors, Vuse Alto is the most diverse option for the transitioning vaper. Not only are there three flavors to choose from, including a unique golden tobacco pod that combines original tobacco taste with caramel undertones, but there are also three nicotine strengths making it easier to lower your nicotine concentration level over time without having to swap devices or brands. If that isn’t enough to convince you, this device is also available in five colors, making it the perfect choice to embellish your tastes in every way. 

Vuse Solo device

The Vuse Solo Unit is a small, cig-a-like device that closely resembles the look of a real combustible cigarette. That said, it features a silver finishing to differentiate it. Aside from being compact and easy to use, this brilliant device offers a quick click-and-connect technology to bring simplicity to your vaping routine. Simply select your 4.8% tobacco or menthol cartridges (or both!) and enjoy a relaxing session with your Vuse vapes. 

Vuse Vibe device

The Vuse Vibe Power Unit is the perfect in-betweener when it comes to selecting one of our Vuse vapes. It only comes in a mid-level 3% nicotine, and similar to the solo device, its replacement tanks are offered in both flavor options. The main thing that separates it from other options, other than the nicotine strength availability, is that users need to screw on the tank rather than click it in. If you crave power, performance, and affordability then this is the device for you.

We hope that we gave a great description of our Vuse Vapes. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below. 

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