FDA Approves 3 Vuse E-Cigs After Rejecting 323 Other Applications

It’s been two months since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that three Vuse e-cig products by R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company were authorized to stay on the market as a smoking cessation aid. Not only did this mark the first time in history that the FDA has approved the sale of a vape product but its monumental approval guarantees that transitioning smokers can rely on easy access to Vuse e-cigs. 

Which Vuse e-cig products are authorized?

The products include the Vuse Solo Power Unit vape device and two accompanying tobacco-flavor e-liquid pods

*It’s important to note that while the Vuse Solo menthol-flavored e-liquid pods are not yet approved, the application for these products is currently under review as well. 

Did you know that Vuse Vapor is one of the few e-cig brands on the market that offers a huge selection of tobacco and nicotine varieties? This means that you can easily lower your nicotine concentration levels and swap between toasty, smoky, robust tobacco mixes to shake up your vaping experience?

Why did the FDA reject 323 applications?

Before authorization of the Vuse e-cig, on September 23, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that since August 26 it had issued 323 orders denying applications by companies seeking to keep their vaping products on the market. This denial affected more than 1,167,000 flavored vape products. The FDA’s reasoning for denying applications was because these particular products “lacked sufficient evidence” to show the benefits for adult smokers overcoming their addiction. 

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