Vuse Vapor receives full FDA approval

The modern e-cigarette has been around for nearly two decades and in its time on the U.S. market, none have ever been authorized for sale by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), until now. The government agency announced on October 12, 2021, giving the green light for three products from the vaping company to be marketed—the Vuse Vapor Alto unit, the Vuse Solo unit, the Vuse Vibe unit, and all compatible tobacco flavor packs, cartridges, and tanks. While this authorization is only for tobacco supplements and not menthol currently, it’s a huge development for the vaping industry! 

Why was Vuse Vapor authorized?

The FDA said that its decision came after reviewing data from over 12,000 participants across 50 studies. They concluded that the Vuse Vapor Alto device has helped addicted adult smokers switch to vaping. Thus, the authorization follows the ongoing debates that have been made for years about the benefits that e-cigs have for quitting combustible cigarettes for good. Researchers Jamie Hartmann-Boyce and Nicole Lindson at the University of Oxford are confident that the approval of FDA authorized e-cigarettes containing nicotine will assist smokers better on their quit journey than other replacement aids such as gum or patches. The scholars also noted that the analyzed data possesses “no evidence of serious harm of e-cigarettes with nicotine…if you don’t smoke, don’t start to use e-cigarettes. If you do smoke, consider switching.”

That said, many e-cigs manufacturers (Logic, FLIQ Vapor, blu, and JUUL) are still waiting on the final authorization of their products as well. 

What benefit will this have for smokers?

The FDA has highlighted the role that e-cigarettes can play in weening nicotine-addicted smokers off harmful tobacco products as well as the role they can play in lowering nicotine levels after the transition. 

  • Regulating e-cig products will make it easier for responsible adults to obtain the devices they need to kick combustible cigarettes for good.
  • Regulating e-cig products gives ex-smokers more control over their nicotine intake, with the option to slowly lower their concentration levels over time. 
  • Regulating e-cig products will make it easier to ship orders to areas where smokers need access to nicotine replacement therapies. 

Can you think of anything other benefits that an FDA authorization provides for the e-cig industry? Drop a comment below to share with our readers. 

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