How to choose between our five e-cig brands

There are so many things to consider when shopping around for an e-cig device and with a vast amount of information to sort through, it can be challenging to whittle down your choices. At Vape-eCigs, we offer five brands that vary in e-cig flavors and nicotine concentration levels, as well as disposable and rechargeable options. Choose between Logic, FLIQ Vapor, JUUL, Vuse Vapor, and blu with the help of our breakdown below.  

Traditional versus flavored e-cigs 

Many past smokers transition to vaping because they want to take control of their health and well-being, and while some love traditional options like tobacco and menthol, others crave a different experience with e-cig flavors that differ from their past routine. That said, the e-cig brand you want is dependent on the flavor options you want. All five of the Vape-eCigs’ exclusive brands offer tobacco and menthol, but only FLIQ Vapor and blu offer a combination of vibrant fruit-inspired mixtures. Remember to test out multiple devices before settling on one to use ongoing and know that it’s fine to swap between brands if you want to try other flavors later on. 

Nicotine concentration level

Ex-smokers know that a successful transition away from combustible cigarettes is entirely dependent on finding an e-cig product that matches your past nicotine usage. Whether you’re a heavy, medium, or light smoker, finding an e-cig that offers the same nicotine strength as your current habits will ensure that your body’s physical dependency on nicotine is met. The sleek design and inhalation method of your device will also make sure that your mental dependencies are satisfied as well. 

Before deciding on the brand be sure there are other nicotine strengths available in the flavor and lineup that you like, that way you have the option to lower your nicotine concentration level over time. 

Disposable or rechargeable devices

While disposable units are more convenient for vaping on the go, rechargeable devices are more eco-friendly and offer the option to swap between strengths with ease. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the type of device the vaper prefers and some even opt to utilize both to keep things interesting. It’s best to read some reviews, rely on word-of-mouth from loved ones that currently vape, and remember to be open to trying something new. 

Are there any other factors that you considered when you first started vaping? Drop a comment below.

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