Your guide to the right nicotine concentration level

Whether this is your first time making the switch from smoking to vaping or a second attempt due to a lack of knowledge the first time around, ensuring that you choose the right level of nicotine is the best way to guarantee a smooth transition. So, ditch your combustible cigarettes and gear up for a device that offers the nicotine strength you need to secure success and start your vaping journey off on the right foot. 

How do you shop for e-cigs with the right nicotine strength?

A lot of users ask the question, “What nicotine strength should I get?” And the answer isn’t simple, as it depends on the strength of the combustible cigarettes you used to smoke, how many per day, your smoking style, and even your body mass and lung capacity. All of these factors are weighed up against what concentration of nicotine will be needed in your e-liquid and what your vaping style is.

To give an idea, the average combustible cigarette sold has 12mgs of nicotine in it—but it varies from 8mg up to 20mg—and since your body can only absorb a small amount of this, the rest is released when you exhale the smoke. That being said since vaping doesn’t deliver nicotine to your system quite as quickly as smoking, what’s normal for one person will be very different for someone else. So, how do you choose what’s best for you?  

“What nicotine strength should I get?”

For starters, you will need to understand what the numbers on your e-liquid bottle mean to determine the nicotine strength you need. Each number relates to how many milligrams of nicotine there is per milliliter of e-liquid. That being said, the lower the number, the less nicotine there is! 

It’s important to select a nicotine strength that meets your current or recent smoking habits. The concentration level you use will be personal to you and will help you either make the switch from smoking to vaping or maintain your current vaping needs with the option to gradually reduce your levels over time. The benefit is, if you go for a slightly lower strength, you can vape until you’re satisfied rather than having too strong of a hit right off the bat. 

  • 1.8% nicotine – This option is ideal for social smokers who used to enjoy the occasional few cigarettes a day. The Vuse Alto device carries this strength in three flavors, Golden Tobacco, Rich Tobacco, and Menthol. For those who prefer the Logic brand, they also carry a vigorous 1.8% device in tobacco and menthol
  • 2.4%/3% nicotine – This level is a great option for light to medium ex-smokers and is often the final step for people that are lowering their nicotine intake. The Logic brand carries a refillable and disposable option in this nicotine strength. There are also a variety of flavored blu disposable devices that offer this rich buzz in concentration. For those that need a little increase, the Vuse Vibe flavor pack comes in a slightly elevated 3% nicotine! 
  • 4.8%/5% nicotine – Made for your average ex-smoker who used to enjoy up to a full pack per day, these e-cigs are equipped with the strength to keep those cravings at bay. Since not all vapes are made the same, users have a choice to decide between the 4.8% Vuse Solo, 5% JUUL pods, and an assortment of 5% FLIQ Vapor flavored disposables

Are you feeling ready to make the switch? What nicotine strength should you get to make your transition smooth? Drop a comment below to share. 

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