The best flavors to vape this summer

While there are many reasons to love summer—longer days, beautiful weather, and exciting outdoor activities—one of the best elements of the season are the varieties of delicious, local produce. In keeping with that theme, we wanted our customers to know that we offer an assortment of summer-inspired flavors. So, since each vaper’s taste buds and nicotine needs are unique, you should read the content below to plan for your next vape order. 

Enjoy anything berry

Berries offer some of the best flavors of the season, with a mix of tart, citrus, sweet, and sour combinations that contribute to some of summer’s most alluring essences. Although many types of berries are currently ripe for picking, that doesn’t mean that everyone wants to indulge in all available piquancy. After all, we all experience taste differently, which means there are high chances that each vaper will be drawn to contrasting flavors. Thus, to make it easier to select an e-cig flavor, we recommend shopping our FLIQ Vapor lineup—the only brand that specializes in fresh, berry-inspired mixtures. 

When it comes to berry concoctions, FLIQ Vapor doesn’t fall short and instead offers two delicious flavors that mimic their real fruit counterparts. Choose between the Blue Razz Disposable Device or the Grapple Berry Disposable Device and bring the radiance of summer with you wherever you go. 

Take a break with Kool Melon

While most vapers satisfy their cravings by using menthols to cool themselves down, we take pride in offering a refreshing, seasonal alternative. Our Kool Melon Disposable Device is oh-so-sweet and tastes like a cross between cantaloupe and honeydew. So, if you’re on the hunt for an e-cig flavor that’s both thirst-quenching and authentic in one delicious mix, then this FLIQ Vapor original is the perfect device for you!

Opt for some conventional flavors

Even though it’s exciting to shake things up, it’s also awesome to give your taste buds exactly what they want. While the blu e-cig lineup has loads of flavors, many vapers steer in the direction of cherry. The Cherry blu e-cig offers the perfect combination of sweet and sour, offering a delicious balance of summer flavors. Another conventional favorite is the Peach Disposable Device by FLIQ Vapor. Enjoy a mellow tartness that will remind you of the golden flesh of a ripened peach, without any of the fuzz that goes along with it!

Which blu e-cig or disposable FLIQ Vapor device appeases your taste buds most? Drop a comment below to share. 

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