Are you up-to-date with this vaping jargon?

Want to expand your current understanding of vaping terminology? If you’re an adult smoker who’s looking to buy Logic e-cigs online or a current vaper who’s interested in knowing more about your favorite past-time, as you experience this wonderful world, you will probably have a few questions about the funky jargon. Thankfully, the team at has the right sources to save you the time of scanning through websites and reading through online forums.

Vaping terms you likely didn’t know 

OMH: An OHM (Ω) is the unit of measurement that determines the electrical resistance and power of each vaping device. 

Fortunately, when you buy Logic e-cigs online, all the devices come at fixed power settings, which means that they’re able to maintain the perfect sweet spot of mid-level resistance. The Logic Power Series and Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarette comes at a fixed voltage of 2.6 Ω while the Logic Advanced Vapor System is 2.3 Ω.

Cloud: Since water is a primary ingredient in top-selling e-liquids, once heated and inhaled in large volumes, the device will transform the delicious liquid into a cloud of vapor that’s then exhaled. 

Capsule: Otherwise known as a cartridge, a capsule is a pre-filled e-liquid container that’s loaded directly into the closed vapor system, and is usually recycled once empty. Both the Logic Power Series and Logic Advanced Vapor System use this simplistic vape technology. 

Coil: While Logic e-cigs are manually activated and ready-to-vape upon inhalation, the inner mechanisms that heat the e-liquid and create the vapor rely on the device’s coil. After drawing e-liquid directly from the capsule/cartomizer, the coil activates its heating element, releasing vapor into the user’s mouth through the e-cigs’ mouthpiece.

Concerning the phrase, “the more you know, the better”, do you feel more equipped with your vaping knowledge after reading the above article? 

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