How to decide which Logic device suits your nicotine needs

Were you aware that tobacco naturally contains small amounts of nicotine and that each combustible cigarette brand adds its own desired amount during production? All that considered, it can be difficult for new vape users to determine how much nicotine they have become reliant on over the years. So, when it comes to selecting which nicotine percentage to use, you will need to consider your past smoking routine before ordering your Logic vape pen online. After deciding on a high-quality device that fits your urge for change, you can also tease your flavor profile and find your desired strength in tobacco or menthol. That being said, let’s explore the Logic vape pen lineup and help you to determine which level best suits you! 

What nicotine percentage should you use? 

Each of our nicotine needs can vary, which is why it’s so important to tune into the patterns of your old smoking habits to ensure that each product you order can offer you the right amount of support and success. Vapers that were previous smokers can find Logic vape pens in 1.8% (20 mg) and 2.4% (27 mg) nicotine, giving the option to start at a higher concentration amount and slowly lower your nicotine intake in a period that works for needs. 

If you were an occasional smoker or simply enjoyed the benefits of a lighter combustible, feel free to skip right to the Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System, which delivers lower amounts of nicotine with the same rich flavors and inhalable vapor! Otherwise, enjoy the Logic Power Series or convenient Logic Disposable E-cig to take pleasure in a higher strength. 

Other factors to finding that perfect nicotine level

The nicotine level you select has an effect on your overall vaping experience and there can be a couple of other considerations to be made before determining your go-to Logic vape pen: 

  • Taste and throat hit: If you select an e-liquid with a higher nicotine level it will offer stronger flavors and a harsher throat hit. 
  • Usage: Do you prefer to vape in longer sessions or would you rather have short hits throughout the day? A vaper who enjoys their device sparingly may also relish in a higher concentration. 

Which Logic vape pen did you decide to use after reading the following blog? Drop a comment below to help your fellow vapers. 

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