What can you do to support vaping rights?

vaping rights

There always seems to be a new misconception or myth shadowing the vaping industry. Whether it’s your peers discussing the latest debate from their social media feeds or it’s the mainstream news jumping on the latest bandwagon study, people are very quick to make uninformed decisions and argue about topics that they really don’t understand. Needless to say, as a vaper you’re probably sick of hearing these tiresome controversies. Well, you don’t have to. There are a few quick and easy things that you can do to help defend your vaping rights.

Stay informed about vaping

Knowledge gives you great power. Naturally, one of the best ways you can support the vaping community is by staying up-to-date with the industry by researching new, promising studies and sharing your firsthand knowledge with your peers. Read about the history of e-cigarettes and try to make sense of the challenges that face vapers locally, nationally and globally. After all, staying informed will help you to educate those around you.

Share your knowledge about vaping

The more you are able to understand about vaping, the more you will be able to enlighten others. It’s a good idea to keep your eyes on reputable news networks for any breaking stories about vaping or electronic cigarettes. This will help provide you with the fuel to power an intellectual conversation about vaping struggles, movements and progresses in the industry. Sometimes it’s as easy as having a few well-versed facts that will give you the power to shatter long-standing misconceptions. Your experiences are also valuable and may even help a smoker make the switch!

Tell smokers your story

One of the best ways that you can support vaping rights is by sharing your story with someone who smokes combustible cigarettes. For many vapers, e-cigs have changed their lives and when you put a face behind vaping advocacy you are able to shed light on the positivity that vaping embodies. After all, a firsthand testimonial has the ability to humanize the act of vaping.

Are there any other ways that you have advocated for vaping rights? Share with us in the comments section below.  

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