Why do vape bans hurt users?

In recent years, the U.S. has seen an increase in e-cig use, especially among those who are trying to quit combustible cigarettes. While most e-cig users are responsible adults who utilize these life-saving devices to lower their nicotine intake and quit tobacco for good, there are small numbers of adolescents who use them in response to social influences. Since reducing teen accessibility is a top priority, Milwaukee leaders have discussed a plan to prevent new vape shops from doing business in the city. Here’s what we know so far about this so-called vape ban

Everything we know 

Part of the Milwaukee Zoning, Neighborhoods & Development Committee meeting on January 31st discussed the explosion of vape shops, particularly those in small geographic areas. What does this mean exactly?

Milwaukee officials sponsored a proposal that will prevent new shops from selling e-cigs for six months. This trial period will act as a pilot program to test out what vape ban and e-cig regulations they may or may not be able to enforce long-term and what that would look like for shops that solely sell these items.

“Part of the goal of this is going to be, ultimately, to look at both concentration and location—for example, proximity to schools, things of that nature,” said Milwaukee Ald. Brostoff. 

“I have a larger concern about how it has been essentially unregulated, so we’re trying to dip our toe into this,” she said.

There is, however, some pushback, as businesses like grocery stores, gas stations, and convenience stores all sell or aim to sell e-cig products for easy accessibility.

The idea was approved by the committee, and they expect a detailed draft of the ordinance by their next meeting. If passed, it would still need final Common Council and mayoral approval.

Why do vape bans hurt users?

Reactionary bans on e-cigs are a mistake. This is because restricting access to vaping products, a less harmful nicotine delivery system, does not protect public health. In fact, it threatens to derail those who rely on it to remain free of combustible cigarettes—a product that’s known to kill up to 8 million people each year

Proposed vape bans like the one mentioned above are one of the many reasons why you should continue or start to buy your e-cigs online.

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