Have you tried these 3 cold-weather flavors?

With the chilliest days of the year creeping in, it might be time to consider making some adjustments to your winter vaping routine. While cold-weather vaping requires you to keep your device warm and charged, certain flavors are better to optimize your experience. Here’s the low-down for the three most popular seasonal flavors. 

blu Polar Mint Disposable

If you’re living somewhere that experiences very cold and icy winters, then this e-cig flavor mirrors a familiar climate. blu’s polar mint disposable vape is truly one-of-a-kind. While it’s a device that embodies the epitome of convenience—a single-use, fully charged, disposable e-cig—it’s the icy flavor and notes of spearmint that attract all types of vapers. Since the taste powers the vaping experience, why not ensure that yours is refreshing? Plus, for those who relish this time of year, the polar mint flavoring creates a cooling sensation in the throat, making it easy to inhale despite the cold air. 

Any menthol vape

Here at vape-ecigs.com, we take pride in offering users a wide selection of menthol vape devices in an assortment of nicotine strengths from varying brands. Since there’s not one particular menthol vape that stands out amongst the rest, we recommend perusing our collection in search of exactly what you’re looking for. Whether it be a select nicotine concentration level, a disposable over a rechargeable unit, or something compact for added portability, you’ll find everything you need and more. Plus, while menthol is a popular cold-weather flavor, it’s a great choice year-round. So, stock up on your menthol vape products today!

Vuse Vapor Rich tobacco pods

Although there are endless tobacco e-cig options, when it comes to making the ultimate cold-weather flavors list, none deserve a more prominent spot than Vuse Vapor’s Rich tobacco pods. This signature extract reminds users of the warmer days ahead, offering a bold, rich tobacco flavor that keeps users coming back. Also, this vigorous flavor is available in three nicotine strengths (1.8%, 2.4%, and 5%), so if you love it and you want to cut back, you don’t need to sacrifice your favorite flavor to explore lowering your nicotine intake. 

Which cold-weather flavor piques your interest? Drop a comment below to share.

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