Spring is here and so are these 3 trending flavors

Spring is in full swing, which means that it’s time to pair up your favorite seasonal aromas with delicious e-cig flavors that exhibit the same essence. We’re fortunate enough to carry a vibrant and trending spring lineup from the brand FLIQ Vapor—one of the top flavored e-cig names on the market. Listed below are three trending spring flavors that we recommend! 

FLIQ Blue Razz Disposable Device

This popular vape flavor offers users the perfect toss-up between tart and sweet while teasing your tastebuds with a blend of floral undertones. While real-life raspberries tend to vary in taste, many of which are picked before they reach their true ripeness and possess such a delicate texture that they often end up smushed at the bottom of your bowl. That said, FLIQ’s Blue Razz Disposable Device is always packed with that fresh, off-the-bush flavor combined with a sweet n’ sour combination that never fails to keep vapers from coming back for more. 

FLIQ Kool Melon Disposable Device

Menthol-inspired flavors are becoming harder and harder to find these days, especially with so many sales restrictions on flavored products. However, since FLIQ Vapor is one of the few companies to work alongside the FDA to obtain long-term approval as a smoking cessation aid, they’re also one of the few on the market who offer a delicious disposable alternative to traditional menthol. The FLIQ Kool Melon Disposable Device offers an unquestionably unique e-cig flavor that combines the sweet tastes of both cantaloupe and honeydew with a dash of spearmint. What better way is there to welcome the season than to vape something as fresh as the spring air?

FLIQ Cherry Limeade Disposable Device

With temperatures warming up, you might see some neighborhood lemonade stands making their debuts. But why wait when you can indulge in a flavor that features a more punchy profile? The FLIQ Vapor Cherry Limeade Disposable Device is the best disposable e-cig for those who enjoy a tasty, tart concoction. Combined with refreshing citrus aftertastes, this e-cig flavor is always trending when the sun shines. 

Which of the above choices is the best disposable e-cig for your tastes? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

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