Your guide to the best winter e-cig flavor pairings

While you can certainly vape any one of our many e-cig flavors, it’s nice to pair your chosen aroma with the season. Winter isn’t finished yet, which is why our following lineup will cater to more chilling weather. Whether you’re a first-time vaper or a bit more seasoned, consider trying one or all of the following e-cig flavors to ensure a positive vaping experience with these low, low temperatures. 

Vuse Alto Menthol Flavor Pods

One of the main reasons we’re choosing to highlight this model over the various other menthol products we carry is due to the diverse nicotine concentration levels that are available. Not only is the intuitive device slick in its design, with five exciting colors to choose from, but it has three nicotine variations (1.8%, 2.4% & 5%), making it easier for transitioning vapers to find one that meets their needs. Aside from that, it also takes the pressure off of finding a new product when the time comes to lower their nicotine strength. Cooling, refreshing, and bold are just a few of the words we use to describe this lineup of menthol pods. While it’s an original flavor, the rich chill makes it a great choice to pair along with the season. 

FLIQ Vapor Kool Melon Disposable

Do you want a delicious flavor that quenches your nicotine fix right out of the box? This disposable unit does just that, complete with a powerful, pre-charged battery. FLIQ Vapor’s Kool Melon Disposable gives vapers a sweet and juicy taste that celebrates spring’s arrival, but its moist, cooling aftertaste is what makes it a great winter choice. As the ultimate e-cig to bridge the week’s between the seasons, this top-pick should be your next buy from!

blu’s Polar Mint Disposable

The main difference between mint and traditional menthol is that mint is a herb plant whose leaves, seeds, and flowers are used to flavor foods, whereas menthol is an aromatic compound that is responsible for the sweet and/or spicy flavor within the mint. Needless to say, the blu Polar Mint Disposable unit is unique compared to our regular menthol varieties. At 2.4% nicotine strength, it’s the perfect in-between unit for medium ex-smokers and it offers users a more icy flavor compatible with spearmint, which definitely screams winter e-cig flavor! 

blu’s Vanilla Disposable 

Vanilla is a powerful aroma that stimulates your brain to release endorphins and as a result, you get a feeling of satisfaction and calmness. Similar to the extract, blu’s Vanilla disposable does just that! Featuring a marshmallow-like scent, this convenient, disposable unit is the best part of our winter e-cig lineup. It’s light, exceptionally satisfying, and the perfect way for you to wind down and welcome the end of this vibrant season. 

Which of the above e-cig flavors are you most excited to try? Drop a comment below to share with other readers.

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