Festive flavors that are trending

While the bitter cold makes it easy to create a fleeting, misty cloud from simply breathing, as a vaper, your clouds offer an added sweetness to the air. While everyone has their go-to flavors to keep their nicotine withdrawal at bay, there’s nothing wrong with getting into the spirit of the season by vaping a trending, festive flavor. After all, ‘tis the season of polar mint, vanilla, and cherry vape juice!

blu Polar Mint Disposable 

Nothing quite enhances the holiday season like a refreshing e-cig flavor that’s as cool and frosty as the weather. This single-use, pre-charged device exhibits the ultimate icy spearmint notes, and while most disposable units are made with convenience in mind, few are as compact and delicious as blu! Featured in a robust 2.4% nicotine strength, the blu Polar Mint Disposable is a festive trending favorite. The best part is that since you save money by purchasing these units in bulk, you can stock up for the season ahead, and grab a few extra devices for friends and family that vape or are hoping to start their quit smoking journey. 

blu Vanilla Disposable

Why is it when the holiday season approaches that thoughts of delicious baked treats come to mind? If your sweet tooth is tingling, you’re a shopper that relishes being first in line to enjoy one of the most popular holiday extracts…vanilla. Part of the reason that the vanilla flavor is so popular this time of year is that its smooth, creamy texture offers a subtle sweetness that tames down overbearing dishes. So, why not ditch those extra calories from holiday goodies and grab yourself an enrichingly tasty treat that can be enjoyed well into the new year? 

blu Cherry Disposable

While many vapers possess undying love for cherry vape juice, there are few e-cig manufacturers that still produce this enriching flavor. That said, blu is one of the few companies working on approval with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which means that this vibrant flavor will be up for grabs into the holiday season and beyond. blu’s cherry vape juice exhibits a sweet and tangy fruity ambrosial that’s satisfying, festive, and oh-so-merry and the best part is that you can use this month’s coupon code to save 2% on your next order. 

Which seasonal favorite have you added to your online shopping cart? Drop a comment below to share with our readers.

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