How to clean your e-cig device

Similar to how your computer and smartphone need cleaning now and then, so does your electronic cigarette. Regardless of how often you use your device, the buttons and ports of your e-cig become cluttered with grime, dirt, dust, and bacteria. To properly clean your unit, you will need to disassemble it in a clean area with fresh paper towels and cotton swabs available to wipe the parts down. Since the cleaning process doesn’t take much time out of your day, it’s certainly worth performing regularly to ensure optimal operation long-term. Are you thinking to yourself, “how do I clean my e-cig”? Here is our step-by-step guide. 

Step #1: Select your clean area

You won’t be able to clean your e-cig properly if your designated washing area is dirty. So, before getting started, make sure to select a clean, sanitary area to get the job done. Lay a clean towel on the area where you will be disassembling the e-cig. Then, gather some fresh paper towels to use. You may also want to use cotton swabs for those hard-to-reach areas. 

Step #2: Disassemble your e-cig

If you own a Logic, Vuse Solo, or Vuse Vibe device, to remove the mouthpiece from the battery, simply twist it counterclockwise to disassemble. Other units like JUUL and the Vuse Alto device using a click technology to easily remove the mouthpiece by applying a bit of pressure and then pulling it off. 

Step #3: Wipe down all parts

Push your paper towel along the ridges of the terminals where each part meets. Also, very lightly rub the opening of your mouthpiece to ensure that any stray debris is picked up. If there are other nooks of your device that are hard to reach, this is where the cotton swabs are useful. 

*Side note: While you’re cleaning and the battery is removed, use this as an opportunity to give it a charge. 

How do you know what your e-cig needs to be cleaned? 

While it’s good to keep to a regular cleaning schedule, there are some indications when your device is past due for its next cleaning. 

Here are some tips for when it’s a good time to clean: 

  • If you’re swapping out used e-liquid capsules
  • If the flavor tastes off
  • If there is some noticeable residue
  • If the unit doesn’t work well

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