What are the biggest pros of vaping compared to smoking?

Only ex-smokers who have transitioned to vaping know the real impact that e-cigs have on their health and well-being. That said, if you need more convincing about the benefits of vaping over smoking, it’s time for you to read our collection of advantages below so that you feel inspired to quit smoking combustible cigarettes and improve your health. 

Vaping has no combustion 

Traditional cigarettes, also known as combustible cigarettes, are tightly rolled tobacco leaf-based products and paper. When lit, the combination of the tobacco, paper, and oxygen in the air generates a combustion process that allows the user to easily consume the tobacco flavor as smoke. That said, it’s well known that this formation of smoke contains a range of chemical constituents (tar, carbon monoxide, etc.), many of which are toxic to humans and lead to long-term health damage. 

While not as much is known about long-term vaping, when compared to traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes possess heat-not-burn mechanisms which warm the e-liquid (PG/VG, water, flavoring, and nicotine) to a high enough temperature for the user to inhale its vapor. In addition, there is no tobacco in e-cigarettes, just flavoring. Isn’t it great that e-cigs can satisfy a user’s nicotine cravings through combustion-free delivery? 

Vaping doesn’t leave behind noxious odors

Those who smoke know there is no hiding the noxious odors of their combustible cigarette that’s left behind on their clothes, hands, and hair. Another big benefit of vaping is that your body, clothing, home, and car won’t smell like smoke anymore, as the vapor that’s emitted from an e-cig has no odor and it dissipates into the air shortly after the vapor is expelled, unlike the lingering smell of stale cigarette butts. 

Vaping allows you to control your nicotine intake

Regardless of the brand or device you choose, there are a variety of strengths from which to choose. Unlike combustible cigarettes, which are available in high-strength nicotine, e-cigs and their replaceable e-liquids are sold in multiple concentration variations, allowing transitioning ex-smokers to start with a higher nicotine level and gradually work their way down to lower strengths, or even eliminating nicotine. 

There are more flavor options for vapers

While combustible cigarette smokers are stuck with the same run-of-the-mill tobacco and menthol options, vapers possess a larger pool of flavor choices to pick from. Although there is nothing wrong with swapping over and keeping your routine the same by vaping these traditional selections, most users strive to change up their palettes by adding popular fruit flavors and other sought-after sweet aromas. 

Online shopping makes vaping easy and accessible

We’re living in a digital age where convenience is one of the greatest benefits of vaping. That said, unlike tobacco products that can only be purchased at convenience stores, gas stations, or smoke shops, e-cigs can be safely and easily purchased online by responsible, of-age adults. Simply sort through the vibrant reviews, make your purchase, and have your products shipped right to your front door.

What other benefits of vaping can you think of? Drop a comment below to compare. 

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