5 amazing flavors to take the chill off this summer

One of the great advantages of vaping is that even though the season of vibrant summer tastes is slowly winding to an end, the best e-cig flavors can be enjoyed leisurely year-round. Needless to say, just because you can purchase your favorite fruit-inspired e-cigs anytime you feel like it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a summer shoutout. So, here goes! Listed below are five of the best e-cig flavors to take the chill off. 

FLIQ Kool Melon Disposable Device

Many of the best e-cig flavors we carry are courtesy of FLIQ Vapor, and since summer temperatures are still soaring, the refreshing taste of our Kool Melon disposable could be your chill-off ticket for the remainder of the season. Pre-filled into an easy-to-bring-along unit, FLIQ’s Kool Melon flavor features sweet overtones of honeydew and cantaloupe, which is designed to allow its user to feel refreshed and rejuvenated, particularly on hot days. Not only does its delicious flavor keep you coming back for more but it quenches your nicotine needs with a rich 5%!

FLIQ Blue Razz Disposable Device 

Not your traditional e-cig flavor FLIQ’s Blue Razz Disposable Device is something worth talking about. While traditional raspberries possess a mix of sweet and tart when ripened, blue raspberries (yes, they exist) offer a more bitter, intense taste, and many people compare the flavor to a raspberry, blackberry hybrid. Needless to say, this premium e-cig is one of our top-sellers and is also offered in vivid 5% nicotine strength!

FLIQ Grapple Berry Disposable Device

When it comes to flavor, who would want to vape the same run-of-the-mill options when they can select a summery extract that excites the senses? FLIQ’s 5% Grapple Berry Disposable Device is designed to soothe your nicotine cravings all while offering you a delicious vape that tastes like a toss-up between crisp apples, tart grapes, and sweet berries. It’s the perfect all-in-one flavor to sit back and enjoy the remaining weeks of the season. 

blu Polar Mint Disposable

While menthols tend to be the top pick for those who want a refreshing flavor, not everyone enjoys their flavor and instead some flock to something a bit more original. The blu Polar Mint Disposable possesses notes of spearmint, giving a more intense, icy flavor when compared to traditional menthols. So, much like a stick of gum, these 2.4% disposables are perfect for cooling off in late August. 

blu Cherry Disposable 

Naturally, since it’s almost the end of cherry season, it seems only fitting to give summer one last hurrah by vaping the blu Cherry Disposable. It’s simple, deliciously tart, and comes in a fully charged, disposable device that is made for on-the-go convenience. Not to mention its bold aroma, unlike real cherries, isn’t seasonable and can be enjoyed at the brink of fall. 

Which flavor will you use to wave goodbye to summer? Drop a comment below to share with our readers. 

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