Why vapers love shopping on eon-smoke.com

Competition is the nature of any e-commerce business and while we’re confident that our products and customer service speak great lengths about us, it’s always beneficial to show off a few of the vying advantages that effectively prevail within our industry. So, instead of explaining why we’re the best in business, we’re going to let you know why we have so many recurring customers who’re buying e-cigs online at eon-smoke.com

Orders are fulfilled and shipped nationwide

While avid vapers may be aware of each state’s laws about packaging, purchasing, and distribution, emerging federal regulations on buying e-cigs online are making it more challenging for users in the U.S. to grab hold of both disposable devices and replaceable cartomizer and capsule refills. However, since the online sale of nicotine delivery systems has recently been prohibited to vendors that haven’t acquired the appropriate licensing, online companies like eon-smoke.com have quickly risen in popularity! 

Why? Well, we carry a Tobacco Wholesale and Online Sale License, which allows you to buy high-performance e-cigs from our online store. So, regardless of which state you call home, you’re able to continue to fulfill your nicotine needs through the use of an intuitive Logic device. 

The FDA is reviewing the Logic brand

Are you up-to-date with the changes that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are making that may affect you as a vaper? Aside from several new guidelines applying to e-cig storefronts — including the prohibition on free samples of tobacco products — the FDA is conducting regular inspections on nicotine delivery products that are leaving manufacturing facilities and being sold through online retailers, such as the requirement for establishments to submit their list of products (including labeling), tobacco health documents, ingredient listings, and even disclose a mandatory warning statement — “WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical” — for packaging and advertising platforms. 

The above result has made it very challenging to buy e-cigs online from a high-quality, recognizable brand, but Logic has you covered! Logic vape pens and their capsule and cartomizer refills have made the shortlist which means that these products are currently under FDA review to become smoking cessation tools, and once the authorization is received, these products will be made easily accessible to mature consumers everywhere! So, you will be able to continue to buy these e-cigs from our online store to appease your nicotine cravings. 

Great prices and ongoing discount

While seamless accessibility is an attractive reason to shop on eon-smoke.com, the awesome prices and continuous promotions are what turn first-time shoppers into long-standing customers. Not only are our products already advertised at industry-low prices, but you can also enjoy 2% off each month with a special coupon code and an ongoing membership discount that will allow you to receive 5% on recurring orders

Which of the following reasons makes you most excited to shop on eon-smoke.com? Drop a comment below to compare with other readers.

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