Steps to reducing your nicotine levels

While you may feel empowered enough to try and quit smoking cold turkey, part of giving up your dependence to tobacco and nicotine relies on your ability to understand your triggers and adapt your behavior accordingly. It isn’t just the addition that you’re battling, but the ritual you’ve created around smoking combustibles. This means that if your social circle has a lot of smokers, maybe you need to spend time with other peers during your transition period? Establishing the right mindset by breaking bad habits will give you a sense of satisfaction that will help to keep you motivated in the months to come. 

Start by reducing your nicotine intake, which can be done at your own pace using a Logic vape pen. As one of the easiest ways for you to counteract your cravings, you can choose your e-liquid nicotine strength, allowing you to take control of your quit strategy. The right nicotine level will surely spark some added determination that will be needed to ensure your success. 

How can you achieve nicotine reduction? 

  1. Commit: When you first try vaping it’s always easiest to transition to an e-cig that matches your past smoking habits. This means that if you were a daily smoker, it would be best for you to use a Logic vape pen with higher nicotine levels to satisfy your withdrawal cravings. The Logic Disposable Electronic Cigarette is 2.4% nicotine (27 mg) and packed with a robust flavor that mimics the strong tastes of tobacco or menthol combustible cigarettes. So, once you’ve successfully shifted to this device and start to enjoy your tobacco-free life, in terms of convenience and satisfaction, consider setting a date far into the future to give yourself enough time to fully lower your nicotine levels. The best part is that the timing is something for you to decide on your own! 
  2. Accountability: Once you’ve set your date, tell your friends and family about what your goals are and consider writing it down on a calendar. Turning your thoughts into actions holds you accountable and will ensure that you can rely on the support system around you to help you along the way. 
  3. Be comfortable with your device: If you’re hoping to successfully lower your nicotine levels, you will need to start from a good place with a device that works for you. The reason we only sell Logic vape pens is that we believe in their superior quality and since the company is working with the FDA to gain approval, you can rest assured that the product lineup will be around to serve you as long as you need. 
  4. Improve how you handle stress: Many ex-smokers struggle with quitting combustibles because cigarettes are one of the ways that they’ve used to help manage their stress levels. So, if you’re hoping to decrease your nicotine intake, you will need to find other ways to take charge of your stress. Aside from ensuring that your Logic vape pen is charged and ready to navigate you through potential frustrations, you can also try to exercise more and even change up your diet to include healthier alternatives. Keeping a positive, well-balanced attitude will make lowering your levels more manageable and also allow you to become less reliant on nicotine to manage stress. 

Have you successfully lowered your nicotine levels through vaping? Drop a comment below to share the story of your journey.

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